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Installing Catch Fences

Penmaenbach Tunnel, A55


Conwy Council and NMWTRA


Colin Jones (Rock Engineering) Ltd.


3 weeks

Key personnel

Managing Director - David Jones   
Commercial Manager – Richard Wyn Owen
Contracts Manager – Darren Moore
Site Manager – James Oakes

Description of Project

Phase 1 – October 2017. Phase 2 – March 2018

Phase 1 of the works was to install a temporary catch fence above the Penmaenbach tunnel during a night shift, this involved drilling and grouting the fence posts, installing the rock netting and wire ropes by means of rope access and with the use of our Merlo Roto 360.

Phase 2 involved the removal of the temporary catch fence and the design and build of a permanent Geobrugg 1000kj Catch Fence. We adopted tensioned lines and other rope access techniques to get materials to site during phase 2 to meet the clients needs in keeping the road open during the project. We received a key performance indicator score of 9.33/10 from NMWTRA for this project.

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